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Meet the Research Team

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Research Team Members
Bree Rosman, Public Health ’18
Kelsey Montondo, Public Health ’18
Nabilah Mustafa, Biology & Mathematics ’18
Rachel Rothstein, Public Health ’18


Barbara Samson, C.P.T.
Jessica Fleming, C.P.T.


Previous Team Members

Rachel Zajdel, B.A (GA) Global Health M ’17

Brit Sovic, (Senior Capstone) Public Health ’17

Eugene Kim, (Senior Capstone) Public Health ’17

Paola Lonzado-Feliciano, (Senior Capstone) Public Health ’17

Scout Peterson, (Senior Capstone) Public Health ’17

Joi James, Psychology & Forensic Science ’17

Sara El-Amir, B.S

Kate DeWitte, Public Health ’17

Noah Messner, Public Health ’18

Edeline Sanchez, Public Health ’17

Matilda Owuo, Public Health ’17

Sarah LaFont, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

Samantha Steinert, Public Health ’17

Jena Nunziato, Public Health ’17

Leslie Hernandez, Public Health ’17

Grant Kawahatsu, (Senior Capstone) Public Health & Addiction Studies ’16

Nikki Lynk, D.C. (GA) Child and Family Health in the Global Community M ’16  

Allison He Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

Michelle Carruthers, Biology & Public Health ’15, MPH ’16

Patricia Exy, Public Health MPH ’16 

Lindsay Downing, Child and Family Health in the Global Community M ’16 

Miranda Alexander, Public Health ’16 

Kameelah Pointer, Public Health ’17 

Ramat Adams, Public Health ’16 

Zephaniah Philippe, Public Health & Pre-Med ’15 

Nicole Schwartz B.A Child and Family Health in the Global Community M ’15 

Aziza Mustefa, Public Health ’15 

Angelica Peck, Public Health ’15 

Melissa Zajdel, B.A Child and Family Health in the Global Community M ’15 

Fatima Drame, Public Health ’16 

Neil Suryadevara, B.A., Public Health 

Samadhi Moreno Public Health ’14 *Now attending Boston University in the MPH program 

Angela Stoehr Public Health ’13 *Now attending George Washington University in the MPH program 

Amelia Gump, Selected Studies in Education ’17 

Nicole Schenk, Boston University – Health Science ’16 

Rebecca Bergman U of R – Neuroscience/Chem ’15 

Julie Concolino Psychology ’16 

Sieglinder Mghenyi Public Health ’14


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