Your child will be scheduled for a venous blood draw on a Saturday morning at our research center for measuring levels of lead and other compounds.  This assessment will be at no charge to you.  Your child’s primary care provider will be provided with a copy of the results for their medical records.

During this visit we will collect urine and hair samples from your child.  You and your child will then be asked to fill out several questionnaires and assessments. This visit will last about 3 hours.

For additional help or instructions with your take home materials please view our video:


We will send your child home from the first visit wearing a watch-like device that measures motion, 8 saliva collection tubes and a chart to record your child’s food and drink consumption over a 2 day period.


You and your child will be scheduled for a second visit to Syracuse University.  You will be escorted to 3 different locations on, or near campus.

  • your child will have an echo-cardiogram (“echo”). This test uses ultrasound waves to look at the heart and is completely painless;
  • your child will have a second echo which will focus on the vessels of the neck and legs; and
  • your child will visit our research center to play several challenging computer tasks. During these tests heart functions and blood pressure are measured. This entire visit will last about 4 hours.

View our parent consent form:

SLS Parental Consent (PDF)