Eligible participants are 9, 10 or 11 years old, reside in 13057, 13202, 13203, 13204, 13205, 13206, 13207, 13208, 13209, 13210, 13211, 13212, 13214, 13215, 13219 & 13224 and consider their race as either African-American or Caucasian.

Participants will be compensated $100 for their participation and parents will receive $50 towards transportation.

Why Lead?

Lead, an environmental toxicant, is known to cause serious mental and developmental defects in children and young adults. Recent research may indicate that lead affects the cardiovascular system (heart and veins).  We hope to learn more about these issues, specifically how very low levels of lead in children’s blood can affect cardiovascular health throughout life.

Our research is supported by the National Institutes of Health and has an international reputation.

Any individual that completes our study will receive in the mail a copy of our news letter twice a year. Each news letter will be different and will include updates.

View our Winter 2017 Newsletter (PDF)

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